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An Incredibly Fine Album - My Symphonic Poems review

My aim, in all compositions, is to paint images and evoke emotions in the listener.

So it's gratifying to read an album review like Darren Rea's, in Review Graveyard; to see my compositions are not just greatly enjoyed, but stirring the heart and soul.

It just makes me want to keep on writing and producing more works.

"This double album contains so many rich and varied themes that it's difficult to know where to start singing its praises.

This is a methodical, beautiful album that has melody and traditional structure at its core... Yet again, McEncroe shows that he is a master at bringing to life emotional compositions that will lodge in your heart and touch your soul.

I've been playing this for several weeks and I know it's an album I'll be enjoying for years to come."

My Symphonic Poems, released on Oct 12 through Navona Records, is available through all good online outlets.

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