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Symphonic Suite No. 3
The Forest and the Mountains

A symphonic work for orchestra in three movements


Mark John McEncroe's SYMPHONIC SUITE NO. 3: THE FOREST AND THE MOUNTAINS features three orchestral movements that draw inspiration from the natural world—”Meandering in the Forest I,” “Running Mountain Streams II,” and “Wandering in the Mountain Wilderness III.”


McEncroe’s unique voice and filmic quality flow throughout, with musical illustrations painted by striking crescendos and gentle string and woodwind melodies.



1. Meandering in the Forest
2. Running Mountain Streams

3. Wandering in the Mountain Wilderness

The work is available on the Album "Symphonic Suite No. 3" -  Zagreb Festival Orchestra , Ivan Josip Skender conductor.

Other works in this series: Symphonic Suite No. 1, Symphonic Suite No. 2

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