Solo Piano Music

Reflections & Recollections Vol 1 (2010)
Musical images for piano. The first of a set of volumes of piano music written from the heart.

Reflections & Recollections Vol 2 (2011)

Musical images for piano. The second volume of solo piano music. 11 melodious pieces to relax to.

Orchestral Suites

Fanfare Suite (2011)
A celebration of human aspirations in Four movements for orchestra. 

Natalie's Suite (2014) Three movement symphonic suite for piano and orchestra, on the theme of addiction.

Symphonic Suite No 1 - Just Another Medieval Tale (2015) 

A seven-movement orchestral suite. Part One of a story set in the middle ages that draws parallels with the modern day.

Symphonic Suite No 2 - And the Medieval Tale Continues (2016)  A six-movement orchestral suite. Part 2 of a story set in the middle ages.

Symphonic Poems

Symphonic Poem - The Passing (2011)
An orchestral piece was written in the mood of a lament - a process of letting go.

Symphonic Poem - A Celebration of the Natural World (2011)

For orchestra. A reflection on all that is wonderful in our natural environment.

Symphonic Poem - Echoes from a Haunted Past (2016) 

A lighter and more carefree elaboration of the piano piece Natalie’ s Theme.

Symphonic Poem - A Pageant at the County Fair  (2016) 

Written for the Ballet Troupe of the Rousse Opera Society

Symphonic Poem - Deep In The Wilderness (2017)

A descriptive musical painting of wild nature.

Symphonic poem - An Early Autumn Morning (2017)

A musical description of the gradual unfolding of a brand new day

Symphonic Poem - Movements In The Night  (2017)

A musical description of the many undetected but wonderful nocturnal happenings in nature

Symphonic poem - Mid Autumn’s Deep Colours (2017)

A musical painting expressing the profoundness of late autumn.

Symphonic Poem - Summer’s Last Hurrah (2017)

A musical description of that final summer burst of energy before the onset of late Autumn.

Symphonic Poem The Passing - LIVE concert

Mark John McEncroe is a contemporary Australian composer.

His solo piano CDs “Reflections & Recollections” and "Musical Images for Piano", can be described as relaxing, meditative, melancholic and easy listening.

Mark has also written and recorded six orchestral CDs – evocative & epic in nature – a collection of Symphonic Suites and Tone Poems. Read full bio...

An Early Autumn Morning

Symphonic Poem The Passing - LIVE concert



Mark John McEncroe

Australian Contemporary Composer

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