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Reflections & Recollections

Volume 2


Musical Images for Piano

11 works for solo piano

Composed 2011


I regard my pieces more like "musical paintings", and have been greatly inspired by the French Impressionist period. As Claude Monet was greatly inspired by his magnificent garden, I too have used my modest Japanese koi pond and bonsai courtyard garden as a setting for my pieces. Hence the references to water, shadows, climate, fish...

The idea behind these offerings is to express my recollections of my life experiences framed within the reference of a garden setting. These pieces are not intended to further the boundaries of musical innovation, or to showcase virtuosity, but essentially to transport the listener on their own journey of reflection and recollection.

-- Mark John McEncroe, 2013


This is the second volume in a series of easy Listening music, perfect for relaxation.

Sheet music available through Wirripang.

This collection of pieces is available on the albums Reflections & Recollections Volume 1, pianist Helen Kennedy, and Musical Images for Piano, pianist Yoko Hagino


1.   Nocturnal Images

2.   Fading Memories

3.   Dance of the Pagans

4.   Natalie's Theme

5.   A Rainy Summer's Day

6.   Fleeting Images

7.   Cindy's Song

8.   A Penny for Your Thoughts

9.   Daybreak

10. Floating Lilies

11. Shimmering Lights

Recordings of these works are available on the albums Reflections & Recollections Volume 2, and Musical Images for Piano


Yoko Hagino performing Natalie's Theme

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