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Fanfare Suite



Release date: January 22nd, 2021

Catalog #: NV6329

Mark John McEncroe Composer

Sydney Scoring Orchestra
Stephen Williams

FANFARE SUITE, the latest from composer Mark John McEncroe and Navona Records, features six pieces originally scored for full orchestra on McEncroe’s 2015 album Affirmations & Aspirations. Now, with the help of the Sydney Scoring Orchestra, these sweeping and provocative pieces have been reimagined and rearranged for concert band. Evoking the promise of big horizons and wide open spaces, McEncroe’s compositions are reminiscent of Aaron Copland and Western films from the golden age of Hollywood. Still, the music of FANFARE SUITE is not rooted in a single geographic location; rather, the hopeful vitality of this music universally appeals to the human spirit.

Recorded July 24, 2019 at The Simon Leadley Scoring Stage, Trackdown Studios, Sydney Australia

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Fanfare suite
1 I 9:19
2 II 11:07
3 III 13:00
4 IV 7:13

5 A Celebration of the Natural World 15:11
a symphonic poem

6 The Passing 7:54
a symphonic poem

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