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Reflections & Recollections

Volume 3


Musical Images for Piano

10 works for solo piano

Composed 2011-2020

MUSICAL IMAGES FOR PIANO: REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS VOL. 3 is the latest continuation of composer Mark John McEncroe’s REFLECTIONS AND RECOLLECTIONS series. Many of the pieces featured in this collection are reductions of McEncroe’s orchestral works, providing a glimpse into the creative process that has led to so many powerful orchestral works.

Retaining their towering grandeur despite now being for solo piano, each piece stands wholly on its own, capturing the stark power of McEncroe’s compositions in their most naked, unadulterated forms, and making for a powerful and memorable listening experience.

Sheet music available through Wirripang.

This collection of pieces is available on the album Musical Images for Piano vol. 3, pianist Van-Anh Nguyen


1. Images Of Times Past 6:18
2. Movements In The Night - A Symphonic Poem 8:51
3. Echoes From A Haunted Past - A Symphonic Poem 8:45
4. The Pendulum No.2 5:12
5. Moving Into The Light (from Natalie’s Suite, 3rd Movement) 5:29
6. A Celtic Pagan’s Pilgrimage 6:37
7. A Parting Of Ways 7:59
8. Storm Clouds Approaching 6:17
9. Natalie’s Dilemma - A Symphonic Poem 11:26
10. Balmy Summer Nights 5:10

Recordings of these works are available on the album Musical Images for Piano Vol 3.

Musical Images vol 3 cover.png

Van-Anh Nguyen performing Images of Times Past

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