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Live In Ostrava

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Released: March 22nd, 2019

Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
Antony Armore - conductor
Heiko Mathias Forster - conductor

Performed and Recorded January 21-22, October 20, 2016, at Dum kultury mesta Ostravy in Ostrava CZ.


The opening work titled Symphonic Poem – The Passing, chronicles the renewal of attitudes and ideas; a process that may, at times, be painful, but remains an inevitable part of the human condition. There are wistful moments, too, but the outlook is quietly courageous: like someone who has made peace with his or her fate, The Passing concludes in a soft melancholia.

While it draws on the same idea of the cyclicality of life, the initial mood in the following work, Symphonic Suite No. 1 – A Modern Medieval Tale, is contrastingly majestic and proud, at times even martial. Ever present is the truculent struggle against humanity's universal inner demons. The penultimate movements seem to evoke the inner turmoil of grappling with compromise and an uncertain future, until the finale “The Quest – A Search for Truth,” which bears a transformative power reminiscent of that bestowed upon a soul which has found its true purpose.

Humanity might not be able to escape the battle against its demons completely – but you certainly can escape it for an hour by listening to LIVE IN OSTRAVA.

Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

01 Symphonic Poem — The Passing  7:36
Anthony Armore

Symphonic Suite No. 1 — A Modern Medieval Tale
Heiko Mathias Förster

02 Entrance Of The King  4:25
03 Strutting Peacocks – Hangers On At Court  3:25
04 Rising Discontent  6:40
05 Peasant’s Uprising  3:36
06 An Uneasy Truce 5:06
06 A New Way Forward  4:04
06 The Quest – A Search For Truth  6:46

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