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Symphonic Suite No. 1

- Just Another Medieval Tale

A symphonic work for orchestra in seven movements


Symphonic Suite No.1 "Just another Medieval Tale" is part 1 of a two part story told through seven movements with a medieval feel. 

Although set in the middle ages the story draws parallels with the modern day, because human nature seems incapable of change. Greed and self-interest prevail over all else. So we remain chained to similar outcomes irrespective of the age the story unfolds in.


In modern times, spin doctors have never ending active employment working for those that have the monopoly on money and power. In earlier times, religion was the spin-doctor strategy used to manipulate people. Fortunately in modern times some people at least see through that folly.

Recorded in June 2015 with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.



1. Entrance of the King
2. Strutting Peacocks – Hangers On At Court
3. Rising Discontent
4. Peasants’ Uprising
5. An Uneasy Truce
6. A New Way Forward
7. The Quest – A Search For Truth

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