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Symphonic Poem - Deep in the Wilderness

A descriptive musical painting of wild nature. The first of McEncroe's works to be published on the crucial theme of human greed and economic rationalism destroying the wonderful natural world and its diversity.

"Never are instruments used gratuitously, and the different timbres of the orchestral resources are deployed to capture the spirit of the piece.


When meditative pieces such as these are granted time to unfold as they naturally should, the listener is drawn into their stirring worlds all the more fully and experiences their emotional effects all the more profoundly." --

"A melancholy feel, reminiscent of a Carter Burwell score..." -- cinemusical

Composed 2017

for orchestra

symphonic poems cover.jpg

This work is available on the album
My Symphonic Poems

Deep in the Wilderness - The Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Anthony Armore

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