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Symphonic Poem - The Passing

"This piece was written in the mood that one would associate with the passing of a loved one. A lament - a process of letting go of old entrenched ideas and value systems that no longer apply or are relevant in one’s ever changing life.


A compelling process, hard and painful, a part of life; a necessity for good mental health, happiness and peace of mind."

- Mark John McEncroe


The Passing is available on the album "Affirmations and Aspirations" and "My Symphonic Poems".


Composed 2011

for orchestra  c.09'16


The recording of The Passing with The Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra

symphonic poems cover.jpg
Live In Ostrava - Front cover.jpg

This work is available on the albums
Affirmations and Aspirations,

Live in Ostrava and
My Symphonic Poems

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