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Nostalgic Symphonic Poems by McEncroe - Album review

"A Romantic, filmic flow with a style that seems to be a parallel to Howard Shore’s scores with touches of English Impressionism and mid-20th Century orchestral style", writes Steven A. Kennedy at Cinemusical in his November review of McEncroe's album "My Symphonic Poems".

The double album offering comprises 10 works in which the Janacek Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Anthony Armore, explores purely orchestral music.

Describing the pieces in turn as "an interesting combination of repeated motives that bubble along in different layers", "a... modern nocturne with moments of mischief in between lighter expressions", orchestration that "sparkles" , the reviewer sums up: "...there is a timeless quality to this music as it does not make demands on the listener, ...and is intended to invite one along on a musical walk through which ever natural or emotional landscape McEncroe wishes to explore." Read the full review at Cinemusical My Symphonic Poems, released on Oct 12 through Navona Records, is available for purchase at all good online outlets.

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