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Music Pared to its Essence - My Symphonic Poems album review

In their November review of McEncroe's latest album "My Symphonic Poems", describe Mark's composition as splendid, "presented without unnecessary ornamentation, the music pared to its essence to communicate without obfuscation and with clarity and immediacy...

"McEncroe's gift for melody regularly surfaces, from the folk-like motif voiced by multiple instrument groups in “That Old Indian Summer” to the wistful theme that flows so gracefully through “Movements in the Night.” Naturally the introspective settings are the most emotionally piercing, with “The Passing” and “Echoes From a Haunted Past” marked by outpourings of strings...

...the listener is drawn into their stirring worlds"

Read the full review at My Symphonic Poems, released on Oct 12 through Navona Records is available for purchase at all good online outlets.

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