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Parma's August New Music Features their 500th Release!

PARMA Recording's August round of releases is a little different from their previous offerings. On August 11th, they’re releasing Croatian pianist and composer Matej Meštrović’s debut album on Navona Records; it’s an exciting, inspired all-piano take on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

They've also got composer Bill Whitley’s debut album featuring sumptuous chamber music, an opera by Ross Crean based on Welsh author Arthur Machen’s eponymous novel of scientific hubris and supernatural behavior, Mark John McEncroe's Symphonic Suites 1 & 2 which lead the listener through a harrowing and dramatic story of ancient conflict and grandeur, John Robertson's debut album, electronic ambience from Douglas Bielmeier and a fantastic collection of traditional Cuban music performed with absolute authenticity by the Havana based all-female octet, Ellasón.

AND.... the 500th PARMA release (Woah!), THE TRANSFIGURATION OF GIOVANNI BAUDINO, featuring the work of our favorite Hawaiian resident, John A. Carollo.

Check them all out on the PARMA blog.

SYMPHONIC SUITES 1 & 2: A MEDIVAL SAGA is available from iTunes, Amazon, NaxosDirect and Spotify.

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