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There is tremendous power in this music! - album review on MainlyPiano

Kathy Parsons has reviewed McEncroe's latest album Dark Clouds in Life:

"This is very definitely a work of classical scope, sweep, and style...

As the 21 1/2 minute movement unfolds, many emotions are expressed - some via the piano, but most by the orchestra. Some of these emotions are contrite and sad, some are big and turbulent, and some just feel lost. There is tremendous power in this music!

"Dark Clouds in Life is an exceptionally powerful album and one that deserves a great deal of attention. Mark John McEncroe is a composer whose primary goal with his music is to elicit an emotional response from his audience. He has succeeded extremely well in that regard!

Fans of symphonic music will find much to enjoy in this album, which I highly recommend."

The album - on CD, mp3 or Conductor's Score sheet music - is available here:

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