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McEncroe Becomes Newest Member of The Artist

Australian composer Mark John McEncroe has joined the ranks of artists and composers featured on fledgling website, a gathering place for piano music aficionados.

As the 37th member to join the Artist Gallery, Mark is honoured to be in such fine musical company. Here’s what real piano music’s curators had to say about Mark’s music:

One of our generation's most talented orchestral and piano composers, Mark John McEncroe evokes a refreshing blend of Ravel and Debussy with a light and airy sound all his own. A perfect example is in the video playing below, "Reflections & Recollections, Vol 2." It is good.........very good! ....with some amazingly beautiful imagery as well. His music is unique, refreshing..... sublimely satisfying to the senses. Bravo to Mark John McEncroe, a great composer and true artist! It is our great honor to welcome Mark to the Artist Gallery! - Real Piano Music

Visit the website: See Mark’s profile page here:

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