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A melange of inspirations from folk-song to Satie - CD review

My first two CDs Reflections & Recollections Vols 1 and 2, have been reviewed by Meriel Owen.

The review, produced here below in full, was published in January 2016 The Studio, the magazine of The Music Teachers' Association. "These two volumes of piano music are presented by Wirripang in an attractive cover with biographical notes and dedications to those mentors who provided guidance and encouragement to the composer. The titles of each item reflect the nostalgia of past experiences combined with nature. As teaching material, they are pleasant works suitable for "Own Choice" works in eisteddfod and examination programmes, from about 6th Grade standard and above. The scores are available to download from the Wirripang website. As models for compositional techniques they could also be valuable. Often improvisatory in structure, and even hypnotic as well as melancholic at times, they provide a range of imagery and expression to provide listening pleasure. A melange of inspirations from folk-song to Satie and even 21st Century harmonic trends are recognisable in this collection. The works are performed by Helen Kennedy; Volume 1 includes 13 works and Volume 2 includes 11 works."

-- Meriel Owen, January 2016

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