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McEncroe's gift for melodically haunting music

Album Review

To these ears, the prettiest of the bunch is For Cecile — A Slow Waltz, as good an illustration as any of McEncroe's gift for melodically haunting music. Its touching theme stirs and transports in equal measure and resonates long after the recording's over.

In their latest review of McEncroe's 4th album of pieces composed for solo piano "Musical Images for Piano - Reflections and recollections volume 4", textura praises the partnership of the Mark's intuitive composition skills with pianist Van-Anh Nguyen's nuance and sensitivity in her performance.

While McEncroe is no card-carrying minimalist, he refrains from cluttering his music with gratuitous ornamentation. Clarity of expression and directness of communication are present throughout the recording. Pensive, delicate, and stately, these ruminative travelogues often gravitate in a melancholy, plaintive direction, but there are playful moments too.
Integral to the material's impact is pianist Van-Anh Nguyen... who brings nuance and sensitivity to these performances and smartly grants them the room they need to breathe and blossom.

Released on January 14th, 2022, thru Navona Records.

Physical and digital available to buy, download or stream.


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