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Dark Clouds in Life is a rare creature - album review on a closer listen

McEncroe's fourth Album Dark Clouds in Life, released on March 10 2017, is reviewed on A Closer Listen.

Reviewer Richard Allen writes:

"Dark Clouds in Life is a rare creature, an album about depression that isn’t depressing. Through it all ~ and especially in the album’s core, “Natalie’s Suite” ~ the composer remains empathetic and above all, hopeful....
McEncroe writes that by embracing the same key, he establishes a “tragic soundscape.” But there’s more at play here, perhaps even more than the composer realizes. “Natalie’s Suite” may come across as a boat on the waves, but it also implies the cradling of a child and the comfort of another’s arms in a time of need....
Dark Clouds is a love letter to the composer’s daughter, but is encouragement for all who struggle: keep fighting the good fight, and know you are not alone."

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