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Orchestral Music in the Making

In 2013 the Australian composer Mark John McEncroe travelled to the Czech Republic to record the first of his orchestral pieces. The first of those recording sessions was the recording of “A Symphonic Poem in D minor” and “The Passing” for his forthcoming orchestral music CD and full orchestra scores.

Orchestral music is a departure from Mark’s more recent solo piano and easy listening recordings and CDs. The orchestral pieces are a natural evolution of his artistic development and extend his musical ideas and motifs beyond solo piano into a broader musical vision.

Anthony Armore, Managing Director of Blue Danube Musikimpresario/Vienna, organised the recording sessions in the Czech Republic with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO), and also invited McEncroe to sit in on a series of orchestral conductor workshops with the JPO.

Mark’s first invitation to the orchestral conductor workshops was in June 2013 where he was introduced to the manager of the orchestra and then set about organising the first of the recordings sessions for later in November 2013.

The November 2013 recording sessions were the first of many planned events to record more of Mark John McEncroe’s emerging orchestral output. Anthony was engaged by Mark to conduct all these sessions.

Mark J. Saliba is a long time friend of Mark's. An accomplished composer and orchestrator with considerable experience, he was previously Mark McEncroe’s orchestration teacher and this quickly developed into a successful ongoing collaboration.

From McEncroe’s fully detailed finished piano reductions, Saliba completed the orchestrations. In short, a successful partnership has developed.

Recorded in the Czech Republic with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra.

Composer – Mark John McEncroe

Orchestration – Mark J. Saliba

Conductor – Anthony Armore

Sound Engineer – Jaroslav Zouhar

These orchestral music pieces and the scores are available for sale at Wirripang Publishing in Australia.

You can hear the full versions of each recording in the video above.

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